How To Get A Perfect Tan

You can easily achieve a beautiful golden glow by following this guideline of these indoor tanning facts.

#1 Tan Smart – Never Over Do It
Tanning is a natural process just like the production of Vitamin D when the human body is exposed to sun or a tanning bed. Always avoid a sun burn. Simply follow the FDA recommended tanning schedule that’s posted on your tanning bed, tanning booth, stand-up unit or tanning canopy. Determine your skin type, select the proper initial tan time and gradually increase your session time over a 4-week period. Allow 24-48 hours between sessions when using a tanning system.

#2 Always Wear UV Approved Eyewear
While tanning, it’s okay to occasionally adjust goggles but never expose your eyes. Moving them around can help to insure an even tan around your eyes. Do the same with your entire body. Frequent movement will increase the opportunity for an all-around beautiful golden brown tan.

#3 Pre-tanning
Apply a high quality tanning accelerator/moisturizer prior to tanning to allow your skin to become properly hydrated. Specially formulated tanning lotions or accelerators for use in tanning beds may help to increase blood flow thereby improving your chances of developing a deeper darker tan.  It’s also very important to apply SPF lip balm before tanning.

#4 Post-tanning
Moisturize right after finishing your tan and continue daily. This prevents your skin from drying out. Drink plenty of water to also keep your skin hydrated.  Protect your tan by postponing showering or bathing for 6-8 hrs after tanning. This extra time allows your tan to deepen. Exfoliation of your entire body is also necessary. Pay careful attention to heels, knees and elbows. Repeat the exfoliation process several times a week for younger looking skin and a longer lasting beautiful tan.

Relax, Refresh & Rejuvenate
You deserve a break today!  Tanners frequently comment on how they absolutely love their perfect little escape from the daily grind. Follow these easy tanning bed tips and you’ll look and feel great!