Tanning Benefits – Get Vitamin D Naturally

Get Vitamin D Naturally from Tanning!

Did you know
…that Vitamin D is one of the only vitamins that your body produces by itself?  Okay, so just how does your body produce Vitamin D? It’s from good old-fashioned sunshine! More specifically, the healthy ultraviolet-B rays from the sun or a tanning bed enables Vitamin D production to occur naturally in all humans during tanning process.

Sunlight is very important for Vitamin D production

But the strength of sunlight and the intensity of UVB rays can dramatically be affected by weather, season, where you live (distance from the equator), and even lifestyle. Your job may keep you indoors during daylight hours; or perhaps you work nights or weekends. Your body simply cannot produce enough Vitamin D naturally due to lack of sun exposure.

During Winter, the earth is just too far away from the sun for your body to naturally produce essential Vitamin D

It is even more unfortunate for over half of North Americans who won’t receive enough Vitamin D from the sun from Fall to early Spring.  Even if you are outdoors with a fair amount of skin exposure, you cannot reap this particular sun benefit during the off-season.

80% of North Americans may be severely Vitamin D deficient

Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to a variety of disorders or diseases of the heart, bone (specifically multiple sclerosis, arthritis), many forms of cancer and strains of influenza, mood disorders, and even the common cold. Yes, Vitamin D can be obtained by eating the right foods along with taking supplements.

Few of us really eat the right foods on a daily basis and just don’t get enought Vitamin D.

Carole Baggerly, director of the non-profit organization GrassRoots Health-Vitamin D Action, is a cancer survivor. Carole shares with us based on extensive worldwide research of prestigious Vitamin D scientists, that healthy UVB rays from the sun or a tanning bed is a very beneficial source of obtaining Vitamin D, especially during winter.

Check out GrassrootsHealth Vitamin D Action Project website!

Grassrootshealth.org has valuable information about their Vitamin D Action Project, an international health project helping to solve the world wide Vitamin D deficiency epidemic.

As well you can view many videos about the importance of Vitamin D. One video we especially recommend features  Dr Cedric Garland, discussing how up to 75% of all Cancer deaths may be avoided with Vitamin D.

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