Open a Tanning Salon

Tanning Salon Pros offers an alternative solution to franchising for start-up tanning salons.

Tanning Salon Pros owns & operates several of our own tanning salons.  What does this mean?  You do not have to re-invent the wheel!  Take our 30 years of knowledge and rise above your competition from the day you open your doors.

Entrepreneurs, would you like to keep the hard-earned profits that your business generates?  Then look no further.  Why pay a franchise fee and be tied into paying royalties forever?  Tanning Salon Pros teaches you everything you need to know about running a successful business and works with the budget your business plan allows.

Tanning Salon Pros provides these free services to start-up tanning salons:

•Assistance in preparing your business plan
•Location study
•Assistance with lease negotiation
•Assistance with tanning equipment selection
•Floor plan design
•Sales training
•Salon marketing & advertising
•Lotion programs

How Much To Start Up a Tanning Salon?

A new tanning salon business would cost around $20,000 of your own money plus a sizable, reasonable loan from a bank for start-up costs. Some considerations for start up costs for a tanning salon include buying or financing the tanning beds, the rental of the location of the salon, insurance and paying for employees. Tanning beds can cost anywhere between $1,000 – $35,000.  There are many new & pre-owned tanning equipment options available through Tanning Salon Pros.  Space rental can cost as much as $35,000 a year. If you are unprepared to consider these costs, you may need to rethink starting up a tanning salon.

There are several factors that determine how much is costs to start a tanning salon.  Size of the space, equipment selection, signage choice and furnishings are just a few fundamentals that affect cost.

A high end salon with all brand new equipment in a large city could cost between $250,000 and $350,000 and will contain anywhere from 7 – 10 high-end pieces of tanning and/or UV Free Sunless equipment.  To get some of those expenses down, Tanning Salon Pros has a great selection of pre-owned tanning equipment which could cut your equipment cost in half!

Tanning salons in very small towns will cost less because it may not make sense to have quite this many beds so there would be less equipment and space expenses.  Tanning salons in large cities will cost more because of the need for more tanning beds to meet the demand.

The negative side of franchising:

•A single salon franchise fee starts at $40k & up + the cost to open the franchise salon is $247,900 – $652,500.
•Salon owner is locked into tanning package prices, product brands, & product pricing.
•Locked into specific marketing & advertising plans
•Cannot design own signage & business name
•Royalty payments may be high
•Franchise agreement may restrict how you run the business
•Franchisor could go out of business
•Other franchisees may give the brand (and you) a bad rep
•Reduced risk usually means reduced profits

As a non-franchise, independent business owner, you have the liberty to customize your business to your demographic and customers’ needs!  The sky is the limit when you are the boss.

Commercial space
You will need to rent or purchase a commercial space for your tanning salon. Make sure there’s ample room for a front waiting room, as well as the tanning area.  You will need to know the square footage, tons of Air Conditioning, and number of Amps available to power your tanning equipment.  The amount of Air Conditioning & Amps will determine what type and how many pieces of tanning equipment the location will be able to support.  Be sure to check your state’s regulation on indoor tanning to see if you need any additional licenses to run a tanning salon in your area.  Each state has different rules & regulations.

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