California Tan AutoBronzer

AutoBronzer™ A revolutionary automated sunless spray tanning unit that delivers a pleasurable tanning experi-ence and flawless, golden tan and auto dry in under one minute. The AutoBronzer is an “open-air” unit for a non-claustrophobic feeling. Ses-sions are voice command controlled leaving salon personnel free to attend to other work functions. The Autobronzer utilizes patented electrostatic technology to positively charge each droplet of solution. The results are a total attraction to the body and a uniform, even distribution of the spray solution that virtually illiminates overspray.

Dimensions: 85”H x 80”W x 49”D

Minimum Room Size: 10’ x 8’ x 8’

Electrical: 15 amp / 235-250 volt service

Plumbing Connections: NONE are needed