California Tan Sunless Solutions

Important CT Solution Facts:

-Solution has been designed to help customers realize a new experience in Sunless Tanning

- Created with the current philosophy of our society with “Have it Now” mentalities allowing for color development in as little as one hour
- Wear time will control level of color achieved. After 1-3 hours the reaction is mostly complete, however, the color will still take up to 24 hours to fully develop as in all DHA solutions. Solution can be worn longer than 3 hours without the risk of overdevelopment due to the skin conditioning ingredients used in the formula
- Alcohol-free formula ensures skin stays hydrated and alleviates dryness associated with other solutions
- Aloe based formula creates a moisture barrier, leaving the skin feeling as if the customer applied lotion over his/her entire body
- Breakthrough fragrance technology aids in eliminating the after spray odor (ASO) during DHA development
- Specially designed to eliminate tackiness and allow the customer’s experience to be superior to any other solution. Customer will not need to wash away the discomfort commonly associated with a spray tan experience.
- Brand new bronzing technologies
- Ultra Pure DHA-reduces odor and creates a faster reaction
- Erythrulose-provides a deeper and more maintainable color while balancing color development, providing a rich luxurious tan
- Melanin- utilized to expedite the development of color and to provide a natural looking tan 100% of the time. Eliminates the orange color stigma commonly associated with sunless
- Vitamin C helps neutralize free radicals and supports collagen production

Solution is completely compatible with all sunless equipment

- In handheld applications, most HVLP systems utilizing a pressure feed system will not need any adjustments to solution flow. In the rare case this does occur, it is imperative that the technician is cognitive of the overspray and solution usage to determine that the appropriate amount of solution is being used (1.5-2.5 oz per spray)
- In handheld applications utilizing a gravity feed system, a 20% reduction in solution and/or airflow will need to be made based on the free flowing nature of the product and lack of pressurization control from the solution container
- For Mystic units (non-cartridge)- the 2.5 gallon container can be connected directly by dropping the syphon tube into the container and placing the lid on top.
- Mystic Cartridge (HD/MyMyst)-although the solution does function in the unit, we do not offer a cartridge replacement system.
- VersaSpa- we will be able to retro fit any existing Versa customer with our specialized packaging