Seriously tan, seriously fast.

In less than a minute, the fully automated Magic Tan Spray Booth’s 36 non-moving spray heads evenly sprays a fine mist of DHA and bronzing solution over the entire body.  The sunless ingredient, DHA, begins to react naturally with the skin to create an even, golden brown tan, that will last up to one week.  Because the entire process is UV-free, clients that are sensitive to sunlight or experience freckling and blemishes are free to get the tan they’ve always wanted!

•Revolutionize your business with 100% UV Free tanning
•Add an exciting new dimension to your salon – UV-FREE TANNING
•Attract new clients who have never tried indoor tanning
•Market to those that are not able to get a traditional tan
•Offer more tanning options to existing clients
•Attract customers from competitors that do not offer UV-FREE tanning services
•Increase profits!

Size: 4′ x 5′ x 71/2