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Comfort-Dry Technology
VersaSpa’s Comfort-Dry Technology blows soft, refreshing air immediately after every treatment. This exclusive feature prepares the skin for a dry comfortable exit.

The benefits of the Comfort-Dry Technology include:
• No “buffing” or toweling off after session
• Able to get dressed immediately after exiting the Versa Spa
• Offers customers a confident feeling of a successful sunless tanning experience

This patent-pending, environmentally-friendly recyclable cardboard solution container is one of the most innovative new options that repels light and oxygen to keep solution fresher, longer.

Voice Automation
This voice automation feature guides users through their choice of sessions and results in a more relaxed, comfortable experience.

Warm Body
Powered by Infrared Technology, the VersaSpa® Skincare System enhances your customers’ experience by wrapping them in a warm glow of rejuvenating infrared heat.

This EZ2-Read solution management system allows you to check fluid level gauges right from the state-of-the-art LCD Display.

HVLP Turbine Technology
VersaSpa® is the 1st sunless tanning booth to present high volume, low pressure (HVLP) turbine technology. A highly efficient air delivery process that moves air at an accelerated speed through our proprietary mist nozzles.

This unique technology allows clients to enjoy:
Perfect coverage!
Increased absorption without lingering mist!
Deeper, longer lasting results!
While other automatic booths rely on an air compressor, the VersaSpa’s HVLP turbine is stored inside the spray column.
What does this mean to salon owners?
Saves valuable space + eliminates excess noise!

EZ-2Breathe Technology
VersaSpa’s open concept design coupled with the EZ-2Breathe Technology produces a fresh comfortable atmosphere that appeals to all customers. Built-in air purification column draws impure air away from the environment and into the column passes through a lifetime filter automatically cleansed after each session.

This leaves your VersaSpa’s interior clean and allows your customers to have a comfortable sunless tanning experience.

Three concealed Bag-in-Box health and beauty solution reservoirs
Your choice of Pre-Sunless Hydration Spray, World -Renowned (in bronze or clear formula) Skin Bronzing Solution, and Anti-Aging Moisturizer.


User-friendly LCD keypad
Allows you to create personalized treatment packages, with the ability to choose from full body, just face, or just legs for a single solution or combination of all three.

Open Air Design
Customers will feel Relaxed, Comfortable, and Refreshed during their VersaSpa®  experience.

Lifetime Air Filter
Lifetime Air Filter captures excess mist.

Automatic Interior Wash Down Cycle

• Pleasurable experience with every treatment
• Mist-free environment with every application
• Guaranteed natural looking results
• Flawless and even applications
• Air blow dry after every treatment
• Full Body, Just Face, or Just Legs treatments
• Three health and beauty solutions to choose from
• Ability to combo all solution options in a single session