Booth_Side_ViewSystem Specifications

Body Options
• Full Body
• Just Face
• Just Legs

Solution Options
• Bronzer (available in clear or tinted formula)
• Anti-Aging Moisturizer: skin firming and moisturizing treatment that also extends results
• Pre Sunless Hydration Treatment: prepares the skin for a sunless tan

Multi-Session programming for a combination of 1, 2, or 3 treatments all in a single session.

System Specifications
Height: 7’5”
Length: 5’8”
Width: 4’2”

Power Requirements
20 AMP GFI Outlet

Integrated drain pump with check valve eliminating need for floor drain. Standard male garden hose connection or washing machine type drain.

T-Max compatibility included
Easily integrates with most POS Software

Room Size
6’x 8’x 8’

(Optimal Recommended Room Size)
7’ x 8’ x 8’

Water Supply
Cold water only standard male garden hose connection

HVLP Motor
Integrated and self contained, patented HVLP turbine motor allows for a quiet treatment. No loud compressors.