KBL 3500More ambiance for your salon.

Quality and comfort. Performance and design. Start, where others stop:
The new
KBL 3500 offers highlights, which are simply one of a kind in this price class. For instance-see its free-floating lying surfaces e.g. its design, which meets the toughest demands. In addition to this, you get the quality, comfort and performance one would normally expect to find in a premium range sunbed.

It’s great to find these advantages in such a small space. Step up into the upper class below the 40-Tube limit- the new KBL 3500.

Technical information on this sunbed:
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sunbed types

KBL 3500 Super Power
Canopy with 16 x 100 Watts,
Bed with 16 x 100 Watts
3 x 400 Watts Face tanner, controllable

KBL 3500 Ultra Power
Canopy with 18 x 140 Watts
Bed with 18 x 140 Watts
3 x 400 Watts Face tanner, controllable

Optional Features

Also available for this sunbed:

  • Exhaust air duct (2 x Ø 150mm)
  • Exhaust air hose (Ø 150mm, white, length 6 m, 4 hose clamps)
  • Music system (amplifier, audio switch, incl. loudspeakers)
  • Loudspeakers
  • megaTimer
  • Transport and assembly (an additional person is required for this)

sunbed dimensions

Abmessungen der megaSun 3500

89″ x 41,73″ x 58,66″
(length x width x height)

89,57″ x 41,73″ x 44,69″
(length x width x height)