KBL 5800A new design and the latest technology.

fourSeasons and p2 make the KBL 5800 with its unbeatable price-benefit ratio into a Must-Have for every salon.

Comes in the colors white and silver.

Technical information on this sunbed:
Click on the desired menu feature and you will receive the corresponding information.

sunbed types

KBL 5800 Ultra Power
Canopy with 26 x 160 Watts
Bed with 18 x 160 Watts
4 x 500 Watts Face tanner, controllable

KBL Package

Further to the individually available innovative product features, a power package
can be ordered at an extremely attractive price-performance ratio.

sunbed dimensions

92,91″ x 49,61″ x 74,22″
(Length x Width x Height)

92,91″ x 49,61″ x 58,27″
(Length x Width x Height)