KBL Tower pureEnergyDesigned to be a star.

In the beginning there was a dream, of a completely new sun shower, of a completely new design. And now this dream has become reality: KBL Tower pureEnergy. With its fascinating appearance and innovative technology, this is the shining center of attention.

No role model, no compromises – from head to toe an original KBL. Sometimes the head decides, sometimes the heart.

Why not listen to both – with the KBL Tower pureEnergy.


KBL Tower T200
52 x 180 Watts
2 x 250 Watts Shoulder tanner

KBL Tower T230 W (not available in the EU)
52 x 230 Watts
2 x 250 Watts Shoulder tanner


Also available for this sunbed:

  • Exhaust system located centrally on the side allows for a easy extraction also with low ceiling heights.
  • Exhaust pipe (Ø 300mm, white, length 3m, 2 pipe clamps)
  • Loudspeaker
  • megaTimer
  • Transport and assembly (an additional person is required for this)
  • Now comes with an optional changing room! (DIMENSIONS: 2;184 mm x 1,360 mm)

KBL Packages

Further to the individually available innovative product features, a power package
can be ordered at an extremely attractive price-performance ratio.

Unit dimensions

Abmessungen der megaSun Tower pureEnergy

1.363 mm x 1.270 mm x 2.326 mm
(Length x Width x Height)

1.363 mm x 1.870 mm x 2.326 mm
(Length x Width x Height)