Matrix Compact L28 ER

Solarium model with 28 UV-A high pressure lamps. On the facial side there 6 lamps by 650W. The tanning groups have been positioned separated one from the other presenting an innovative and functional design. The solarium has 5 tanning groups radially arranged all around the user’s body. On the canopy each tanning group has 6 lamps, while the ones located in the lower part have 5 lamps each.

The ventilation for the body and face is located in the upper part. A strong plexy cooled by forced ventilation in the lower part let the customer achieve a 360% tan. The UV filters have a patented electronic circuit able to detect and report through a display any possible filter breakage and immediately stop the session.included

Liquid crystal display
Button to select one of the 4 exposure times, depending on the customer’s skin photo type
Red emergency button to immediately stop the session.
Radio stereo, CD player with loudspeakers and headphones.
Electronic control for any possible filters breakage.
Electronic control of internal solarium temperature.
Electronic regulation of running temperature inside the solarium
Electronic regulation of airflow to face and body.
Manual movement of the solar group
Buttons to select the body part, facial and both.
Voice synthesizer with messages for start, middle and end of session, the fourth message to be personalized.
Digital and mechanical timer and session counter.
Hot air extractor (N° 1 flexible tube , Ø 11,8in (Ø30cm) Length 118in (3mt))
optionals Working Voltage 230V~ single phase