Matrix Glammy L18 ER

Its compact dimensions and design that perfectly matches any surroundings, unites high technology with the safety, comfort and efficiency that characterize all I.SO Italia solariums. Glammy is certainly “glamorous”, but at the same time versatile, young, casual and trendy, with a name that reflects all its versatile characteristics. The DEC version, with electronic power control, allows Glammy to move easily from softer sessions, for users preferring relaxation, to more dynamic services.

Despite its compact size, Glammy is an exceptional tanning bed, with a variety of technological features that make it one of the best performing professional machines. With 18 UV-A lamps, Matrix Glammy L18-ER has 3 large tanning units, each comprising 6 highpressure lamps with ER reflectors, giving powerful emissions with minimum power consumption. Two of the tanning units are located on the upper part of the solarium, and can be positioned manually. The third tanning unit is beneath the plexiglas user support surface, offering a slow but continuous tilting movement that guarantees perfect diffusion of emissions and avoids areas of excessive heat accumulation.

The tanning units surround the user perfectly, without producing sensations of claustrophobia, thanks to the great distance between the units. Ventilation for the face and body is located in the upper part of the solarium, and a robust plexiglas ledge cooled from below with a forced ventilation system ensures users perfect all-round tanning. The UV filters have a patented electronic circuit that can detect and warn of any filter breakages on the anti-reflection liquid-crystal display, also halting the session.

Matrix is the most advanced tanning technology, the future of UVA, the tomorrow of tanning treatments. Absolutely innovative, reliable and practical, Matrix is the new series of solariums with circular action, revolutionizing tanning sessions and guaranteeing the best results in perfect relaxation. Matrix Glammy L18-ER gives details on the number of sessions completed, the hours of operation and the right moment to change lamps. It can offer four different tanning programmes. The voice synthesis messages giving information on correct tanning can be personalized.