Matrix L28 DEC

Classification: High Pressure
Number of lamps: 28
Lamp Wattage: 500-650 W
Max Session: 12 Minutes
Amenities: Body Fan, Adjustable Lamps, and MP3 Player

The Matrix L28DEC is offers your customers the fastest avenue to build a tan while delivering the most innovative features. Do your customers live a busy life? The Matrix is designed for those on the go because it delivers a beautiful bronze tan in just 12 minutes. The Matrix features a state-of-the-art system that allows each customer to adjust the lamp intensity to insure the most natural tan for any skin type. The average person will develop a tan in 1-3 sessions and will have to tan 1-2 sessions a month to maintain their developed tan.

28 UVA high pressure lamps compose the Matrix L28DEC in 5 groups that are radially arranged around the tanner’s body. Each group of lamps in the canopy has 6 lamps and the lower groups have 5 lamps each. Ventilation for the body and face located in the canopy cool the user while the acrylic is cooled by forced ventilation in the bench.

The UV filters have a patented electronic circuit able to detect and report through a display any possible filter breakage and immediately stop the session. Perfectly shaped reflectors allow the user to build a beautiful tan without any uncomfortable hot spots. The Matrix L28DEC is designed to automatically ramp up the power of the tanning lamps over their life span to produce perfect tanning results each and every time the Matrix tans a client.

Run on electronic ballasts, the Matrix L28DEC will consume less energy, run more efficiently, and more important, save your salon money! Matrix L28DEC is the only high pressure unit that has perfected electronic ballasts powering high pressure lamps.