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The Solarium is made up of 33 UV-A high pressure lamps, 27 lamps with a power of 500 Watts and 6 lamps (to be positioned at the top of the client’s face) with a power of 650 Watts. The solar groups are made up of six elements having a radial lay out all around the client’s body. The ones positioned in the upper part of the bed contain six lamps each, while the ones positioned in the lower part, just five. There are three upper solar groups, the central one is equipped with a rolling mechanism which guarantee the perfect diffusion of the tanning rays, all together they are electronically controlled to close the bed, by a mechanism which automatically returns to the initial position at the end of the session even if there is a black out. The solar groups are separated one from the other and they present a very innovative/practical design. The ventilation ducts, in the upper part of the bed, are positioned along the length of the Solarium. The ventilation systems are equipped with cleaning filters which can be easily reached. The blue UV filters have a patented electronic circuit that can detect any filter breakage and stop the equipment even during the tanning session.


included 4 digit display, showing the exposure time;

Buttons to select one of the three exposure times (depending on the skin photo-types of the customer);

Red emergency button to stop the machine immediately;
Electronic regulation of air flow to face and body;

High pressure Evolution Light
High pressure Evolution Light

Buttons to select the facial section, the body section or both;
Selector with key to turn on the body section, the face section or both;
Digital timer and session counter, and mechanical session counter;
N° 1 Flexible tube diameter 11.8″, length 118″;
Led technology filter alarm system.
optionals Working Voltage 230V~ single phase.
Roll holder.