Matrix V28 ER

The Solar groups are separated one from the other, they present an innovative and functional design allowing a perfect UV rays diffusion all over the body.

The Solarium is made up of 22 UV-A 500W high pressure lamps on the body, and the upper facial area there are 6 lamps 650W. The solar groups are made up of 5 vertical elements having a radial lay out all around the customer’s body. Each one positioned in the front part of the tanning stand up incorporates 6 lamps, while each one positioned in the door incorporates five lamps. The ventilation ducts for the body and face, are positioned inside five powerful diffusor channels in the upper side of the stand up and also vertically between the specific slits of the transparent cylinders. The command console allows the choice of the session’s times, the regulation of the air flux and the management of the main function of the unit. Moreover the CD player completes the solarium’s accessories. The blue UV filters have a patented electronic circuit that can detect any filter breakage and stop the equipment even during the tanning session.

included 4 digit display, showing the exposure time.
Buttons to select one of the three exposure times (depending on the skin photo-types of the customer).
Red emergency button to stop the machine immediately.
Buttons to select the running of body part, facial part or both.
Electronic regulation of air flow to face and body.
Selector with key to turn on the body section, the face section or both.
Digital timer and session counter, and mechanical session counter.
N° 2 Flexible tubes diameter 7.87in(200mm), length 10ft(3m).
Air ventilation fans (at the bottom).
Led technology filter alarm system.
optionals Working Voltage 230V~ single phase.