Level 3
Classification:  High Pressure

The ROYAL SUN UV Scan 360 offers your customers the fastest avenue to build a tan while delivering the most innovative features.  Do your customers live a busy life?  The ROYAL SUN UV Scan 360 is designed for those on the go because it delivers a beautiful bronze tan in just 10 minutes. The average person will develop a tan in 1-3 sessions and will have to tan 1-2 sessions a month to maintain their developed tan.

74 High Pressure lamps


▪ Lamps rotate during tanning session for complete 360 degrees of tanning surface coverage

▪ Uniform UV output with new Heraeus self-contained high pressure lamps

▪ Over 75% more effective output per watt with  a high-efficiency glass reflector design that never develops hot spots or weak spots

▪ Adaptive temperature management with multiple-speed, high pressure body cooling system

▪ Active monitoring system with upper and lower body scanners to ensure uniform coverage and  optimal comfort throughout the tanning session

▪ Exceptional low-maintenance design with a ball  bearing movement system, intelligent architecture  and no complex wiring

▪ Easy lamps replacement with no tools required—simlpy clip on and plug in

▪ Effective cooling without a complex exhaust kit

▪ Suitable for average 9 x 8ft room

▪ Durable construction with an all-metal structure and powder coating

90” long x 55.5” wide x 57.9” high