Sonnenbraune 732

Level 1
Classification: Low Pressure
Lamp Wattage: 100 W

Low Pressure is known as our economy level which is great for anyone who is price conscious or has the time to develop a tan gradually. Even though Low Pressure is the lowest level we offer the results are anything but! The Preferred has more of the UVB (reddening ray) which means that you will need to tan more often and at slower intervals to achieve a base tan. The average person will develop a tan in 8-12 sessions and will have to tan 3-4 sessions a week to maintain their developed tan.

32 lamps

100 watt non-reflector lamps—20 minute session

88 1/4″ x 35 1/2″

Quality pre-owned equipment includes: brand new tanning lamps, a manual, 6 month warranty on electronic parts, equipment is tested & cleaned!


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