To order acrylics call 800-741-2046 or email and have the following information:

When do you replace your acrylic shields?

•Acrylics should obviously be replaced when they are broken, especially if the crack is large enough to either pinch a customer, or break completely and further damage your tanning unit.

•If the bed has been re-lamped and is not delivering better results, it’s time!

•If your low pressure bed has over 2,500 hours on it, it’s time!

•If your high-pressure bed has between 1,500 and 2,200 hours, it’s time!

Note: customer weight & some tanning lotions will also effect the life of an acrylic shield.

Why replace your acrylic shields?

Worn acrylic shields are proven to block UVB light. UVB rays stimulate melanin production and with worn acrylics, tanning results will be limited.

What info do I need to place an order?

• Manufacturer
• Style
• Year
• # of lamps in the bed
• Facials: yes or no? How many? Color of masking on the facials?
•Any tape on either end of the acrylic? What color? How wide?

Remove Acrylic from the Tanning Bed, flip it on opposite side, so curve is facing you (removal is necessary)
Measure exact Width and Length with a flexible tape measure (pressing down on tape measure to including all curves and ends to the nearest 1/16 of an inch!)
• Canopy (top): Width = Length=
• Bench (bottom): Width = Length=

Check for any Holes or Slots (look by door handles if a Stand-Up) Measurement =
Are the lamps Staggered or Non-Staggered (in a row or not) Yes or No?

What Style is the Acrylic (check one)?
• Curved
• 4 Bend
• 2 Bend
• Contoured

Order Acrylics

Tanning Salon Pros carries many brands of tanning bed acrylics:

ACN, Alisun, Alpha, Avalanche, AKY, Aztec, Beauty Pro, Beauty Sun, Bell O Sol, Bensun, Bermuda Tan, Black Sun, Body Bronze, Cabana, Chronos, Dr. Kerns, Dr. Muller, Electric Sun, Emosol, Enco, ESB, ETS – Sun Vision, Sun Quest, Sun Star, Euro Pro, Eurosun, Eurotan, Everta, Express Tan, Forevertan, Fullotan, Future Tan, GardaSun, GertSun, Heliotec, HEX, Hollywood, Ibeza, InTan, International Sun, International Wolff, ISIS, ISM, ITS, JK Ergo, JK Soltron, Kettler, Klafsun, Klaus, Leisure Bay, Luxor, Magnum Sun, Matrix, Maxitan, Mega Max, Mega Sun, Merritan, Miami, Montego Bay, MTI, Nova Sun, Ovations, Pacific Solarium, Palm Springs, Peacock, Pegasus, Perfect Sun, Perfect Tan, Pharoah, Pheonix, Power Sun, Private Sun, Profitan, ProSun, Protec, PTS, Pure Sun, Reifenburg, Rhino Beach, Riviera, Royal Sun, Royal Swedish, Sahara Sun, Satorini, SCA, Scandanavian Sun, Scandosol, Sfinx, Shaw, Silgman, SilverSol, Solaire, Sol America, Solana, Solar Force, Solar Gold, Solaris, Solar Pacific, Solar Pro, Solar Storm, Solar Super, Sole Systems, Sonnenbraune, Sontegra, Spanish Sun, Spectra, Sportaredo, Sportatan, Spynx, Star Power, Summaria, Sun Bronze, Sunal, Sun Bronze, Sun Capsule, Sun Dazzler, Sun Ergo, Sun Fab, Sun Industries, Sun Italia, Sun Jet, Sun Liner, Sun Magnum, Sun Maker, Sun Master, Sun Quest, Sun Source, Sun Splash, Sun Sport, Sun Star, Sun Storm, Sun Tech, Sun Top, Sun Valley, Sun Vector, Sun Vend, Sun Vision, Sun Vital, Super Sun, Super Tan, Tan America, Tanfaster, Tan Hut, Tanique, Tan Master, Tan Seeker, Tanses, Tan Sun, Sun Top, Tropical Rayz, TSI Sun Systems, Ultra Bronze, Ultra Max, Ultra Rave, Ultra Sun, UVA, UWE, Velocity, Venus, Vita Sun, Zaunders