High Pressure Lamps

High Pressure lamps use a sophisticated filtering system to block UVB rays and allow only UVA rays to transmit. The result is a faster, darker, longer-lasting tan that requires fewer sessions to maintain. We have a large selection of high pressure tanning lamps:

Heraeus 500 watt

Matrix 500 watt

Matrix 650 watt

Matrix 800 watt

Sylvania Pure Bronze 400 watt

Ultrabronze 818 wire lead

Ultrabronze 918/924 700 watt

Ultrabronze SuperNova 1000 watt

Royal Sun UV Scan 250 watt

+ many more High Pressure brands and varieties! Call today so a representative can help you with your High Pressure unit. 800-741-2046

VARIUS High Pressure System

earlier version of VARIUSThe VARIUS system was invented to offer sunbed manufacturers new possibilities in the design of their machines while simplifying installation. VARIUS offers innovative designs and tanning concepts as they are have been integrated to for face, neck, shoulder, hand or foot tanners. Varius are a cost-effective alternative to spaghetti tubes.

The high pressure lamp in the VARIUS system has been advanced and improved.  The lamp and fitting are now supplied as two separate components. During lamp change-over, only the lamp needs not to be replaced and the lamp holder can be re-used. Tanning studios, which have fitted the earlier version of VARIUS in their sunbeds, need only retrofit the new fitting to convert their system simply to the new generation. Lamp changing is even easier and can still be carried out without the need for tools.

Advantages of VARIUS:

  • All components are already harmonized with each other
  • Easy fitting using just two screws
  • Easy handling with a bayonet-type lamp holder
  • Highly flexible
  • Little space requirement
  • Very flexible in its applications
  • Minimal operational and ventilation requirements
  • Adjustable tanning surface and intensity

Tanning equipment with Varius lamps:

VARIUS application of VARIUS

  • P90 of uwe: Powerspot shoulder beamers for a targeted and traceable tanning of shoulders
  • iBed of uwe: two shoulder tanners and nine VARIUS units in SWING the new face tanner with adaptively moving Powerspots for tanning of the face/neck area
  • iDome of uwe: 3 VARIUS systems in the ceiling of the new sunshower / stand-up
  • megaSun 6900 of KBL: VARIUS as xtra-tan shoulder tanners, perfectly integrated into the equipment housing
  • UVScan of Royal Sun, as an innovative complete tanning concept. UVScan is a pure high pressure solarium, equipped with a total of 74 VARIUS systems
  • a stand-up unit of Alisun, Netherlands, as booster for for the face and neck regions
  • in different sunbeds of the US manufacturers ETS, Heartland and Sontegra.