Red Light Therapy Lamps

Targeting the Rapidly Growing Anti-Aging Industry with Red Light Therapy

Did you know that you can turn your tanning bed into a Red Light Therapy collagen unit?  Add Red Light Therapy and attract a new group of clientele to your salon!

Light therapy anti-aging skincare with UV-free collagen fluorescent lamps are the new affordable and rejuvenating alternative to invasive techniques, such as plastic surgery or laser treatments.

Red light therapy tightens skin and improves skin’s elasticity by using visible light in the 633nm region.   The wavelength activates and speeds up the production of collagen and elastin – two vital skin ingredients responsible for achieving an anti-wrinkle effect.

The advantages of anti-aging light therapy with collagen lamps are simple:

• No harmful side effects
• Free of discomfort
• No damage to the ski
• No pain
• No downtime

And while skin firming products, lasers, and surgery enhance mostly facial skin or other targeted areas, collagen lamps make it easy to give your entire body’s ageing skin a youthful look.