The search for that perfectly sun kissed summer glow begins and ends with Hatch Perfect Bronze tanning lamps. Manufactured to the highest-grade specifications, Hatch Perfect Bronze lamps are guaranteed to impart a healthy, even and natural tan. Perfect Bronze is the Science of Sunlight Perfected.

About Hatch Specialty Products Group

Since 1985, Hatch has been the recognized market leader in the design and manufacture of premium power lighting products and solutions. Hatch offers a complete line of electronic and magnetic ballasts and transformers for virtually all lighting applications and is one of the largest independent, full-line power supply manufacturers in the world. All lamps sold under the Hatch Brand are products of Hatch Specialty Products Group, an independent subsidary of Hatch.

Over 30 Years of Manufacturing Experience

All Hatch Perfect Bronze Fluorescent tanning lamps are made with care and precision in our Erlangen, Germany manufacturing facility. With over 30 years of experience manufacturing the worlds finest tanning lamps you can be sure that Hatch Perfect Bronze products will be consistently constructed with top quality components and expert German craftmanship.

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Compatibility Lists:

Perfect Bronze 100-120w Compatibility

PerfectBroze 160-180w Compatibility