To place your parts order, please call 800-741-2046 and have the following information:

  • make, model, and year of your tanning bed  (Wolff is not a brand of tanning bed)
  • numbers & letters off of the part you wish to order
Acrylics Capacitors Filter Glass Ballasts Relays
End Caps Gas Springs Fuses Labels Switches
Brakes Lamp Holders Fans Timers Buck Boosters
Lamps Starters Ignitors Main Boards ..and more!
Down time is costly.  Let us help you with your lamps and parts.  Next day shipping is available.


Please have the following information ready when you place your acrylic order:
• Manufacturer
• Style
• Year
• # of lamps in the bed
• Facials: yes or no?  How many? Color of masking on the facials?
•Any tape on either end of the acrylic?  What color?  How wide?

Remove Acrylic from the Tanning Bed, flip it on opposite side, so curve is facing you (removal is necessary)
Measure exact Width and Length with a flexible tape measure (pressing down on tape measure to including all curves and ends to the nearest 1/16 of an inch!)
• Canopy (top):  Width =         Length=
• Bench (bottom):  Width =         Length=

Check for any Holes or Slots (look by door handles if a Stand-Up) Measurement =
Are the lamps Staggered or Non-Staggered (in a row or not)  Yes or No?

What Style is the Acrylic (check one)?
• Curved
• 4 Bend
• 2 Bend
•  Contoured