Tanning Salon Software

Designed for Tanning, Hair and Spas, SalonTouch is the world’s first real-time wide area network (WAN) salon management program which sets the benchmark against which all other programs are measured.  Introduced in 2001, SalonTouch offers all the features of SunTouch plus a whole lot more.  SalonTouch can run as a stand-a-lone product, operate in a LAN environment or function in a real-time WAN environment.  This high-level product is designed for any size salon…especially those with growth in mind.  SalonTouch is our flagship product designed with intelligence for the user.

You control the timers that operate the tanning beds, interact with POS equipment, manage employees, create appointments and so much more.  You can sell anything from tanning lotions to shampoos to your own custom configured services.  The Appointment Book allows double-booking, intelligent booking plus a customized layout.  You also have Multiple Release Forms, 1-Step Client Picture Capturing, Customizable Screens, Unlimited Security Profiles, Unlimited Surcharge Restrictions, both fingerprint verification and identification and so much more.  An alternative touchscreen monitor can be used to quickly handle high volume traffic salons and provide that aesthetic appearance of class.  With over 500 individual configurations and preference settings, SalonTouch can easily be tailored to work the way you do.


Fingerprint Scan Pad

The days of using swipe cards are over!   Biometric technologies are becoming the foundation of an extensive array of highly secure identification, personal verification and access solutions. Your clients will be confident in knowing their tanning package will be not be used by someone else because their fingerprint verifies their customer account.

Barcode Scanner

Receipt Printer

Credit Card Swipe

Cash Drawer